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Like I said in an earlier blog I’ve been trying to get a little more computer literate and learn some of the social media stuff.  It’s been a slow road but with the help of a few people I’m starting to get the hang of Twitter.

Turns out, it’s actually quite simple and extremely useful – who knew?  I started ‘Following’ some local businesses to see how they use Twitter.  While following those few businesses I learned what other businesses to follow and then, slowly, people started following me.

I have to say, this is the most informed I have ever been about Kingston – local businesses, news, events, etc.  Seems I never really have time to just sit and watch the news or read the paper to keep up to date.   On the other hand I don’t like being out-of-the-loop.  Well my new-found Twitter practice is keeping me current in 140 words or less several times a day.

For example I was busy with a couple of things and was away from Twitter for 2 days – I had gotten so used to knowing what’s going on that I totally felt out-of-the-loop.  I jumped back on Twitter and scrolled back over the last 2 days – yes there were LOTS of tweets and lots of stuff going on.

There are a couple of new very interesting businesses in town that I have checked out as a result of Twitter.  I would not have known about them if not for Twitter – I tend to stick with what I know but some of these places looked so good I couldn’t resist.

At first all I did was watch what others posted – I was a bit timid about my first post.  For those of you that use Twitter – remember your first tweet?  Or maybe it was just me because I’m not overly computer literate to begin with.  I’m well on my way now and really enjoying all the little tidbits that I’m picking up about Kingston.

I try to post or retweet stuff that I find interesting and that I think my ‘Follower’ will find useful – of course this is the purpose of Twitter (I think).  At times I still struggle with what to write but am finding some interesting photos about posture and stretching on the Internet that I can post.  As always thanks to those that posted the info on the Internet.  Users like me take that valuable information and make it available to specific targets in different ways.  I’m careful of Copyright and it’s pretty obvious that I am sharing information that is available on the Internet – the ultimate sharing centre.

One of my favorite things about Twitter is the 140 character limit.  I’m not much of a writer but I can manager 140 characters.  Also I don’t have a lot of patience for reading long drawn-out reports just to find the highlight.  With Twitter it’s really only highlights that get published – people are forced to get to the point.

Next project is Facebook.  It seems a bit more involved.   I have used it a bit on a personal level but need to figure out how I can use it for my business.

Well my blog is certainly longer than the Twitter-140 but I’m so happy about the information I’m getting from Twitter – it’s great.


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