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I have to admit that with the vast information available on the Internet it is difficult to blog about new ideas or notions. So this time I will tell you about information I have found useful.  I follow a few websites and blogs regularly that are informative and address a wide scope of interests

Being a Registered Massage Therapist I would naturally refer to my regulating body’s website – College of Massage Therapist of Ontario (CMTO)  This website provides me with the information to support my profession, ongoing learning, licensing, etc.  In addition I’m a member of the Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario (RMTAO)  Again this site provides information related to massage therapy, education, and provides group programs for massage therapists.

YouTube can also be a useful tool to support almost anything in the world you want to do.  In terms of massage therapy there are many videos on specific techniques.  These are used at times to refresh or reinforce some of the techniques I use and to research ailments that I don’t treat on a regular basis.  Like I said, the information seems completely endless!   Getting through the information and weeding out videos that are not relevant can be a bit time consuming.  All in all I have found, as I’m am sure most of you have, that if you want to know how to do something or how something was done there will be a video to satisfy your inquiring mind.

All the online information definitely makes it easier for people to keep current with their professions and to see what other people are doing.  New development in therapy and moralities are available at my fingertips.  As a regulated health professional and as part of my license I am required to participate and complete a specific number of hours of ongoing education on a regular basis.  There are some specific courses that I take but now days much of what I choose for ongoing learning comes from ideas that I may learn from other massage therapists who are posting interesting and/or new information online.

The blogs I read tend to be about the business side of massage therapy – how to do and manage specific aspects of owning and operating a business.  I have gained a great deal of valuable information to support and help grow my clinic and clientele.  Here are couple I have used:,,,  Of course these are just a very few of the sites I use to support my business.

I also enjoy learning about how the mind plays into illness and healing.  One of my favorite sites is called PsyBlog –   A wide range of topics are covered and through subscription, daily blogs are delivered to my inbox.

Along with all these wonderful sources of information there are, of course, many sites that are quite useless and contain inaccurate information.  All I can say is I have learned to be careful with the information and validate before I use it.

One of the most valuable sources of information now, as in the past, is information shared by people you know or people that have similar.  If you have some excellent ‘finds’ you would like to share please send me a comment and share your source.





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