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So I’ve been providing massage therapy in my new location in Kingston for just over year now – I survived!

There were a few bumps and misses in the first few months.  Many of my clients followed me to this location; however a great deal of my business was from Queen’s University – staff and students.  A number of the staff continues to have their regular massage therapy with me.  Unfortunately, I do treat fewer students in this unique location. 

It was a difficult decision to relocate because I really enjoyed the diverse

that included the university students and knew this would change when I moved.    I didn’t have too long to miss this group of clients when a new group of clients started filtering in. The new clientele has steadily built over the last year as more people become aware of the new location.  Typically clients new to the Clinic work during the day – this means a change in my peak hours of operation.  Most massages tend to be booked mid-day over the lunch hour, and after work meaning much of my work is after 3:30 and into the early evening.   Clients in the area have told me how convienient it is to have a massage therapy clinic close to their home so they can stop in for a treatment on the way home from work. 

The change in age group also changes the types of conditions I have been treating.  They tend to be more chronic work related injuries versus the typical acute or activity related injuries I saw in the students.  It continues to amaze me how lifestyle and, unfortunately, age affects our bodies.

The other increase in clientele I have seen is retired people in area.  The close proximity to their home has made it more convient and in turn more likely and more often they seek treatment.

As for me, I have made the adjustment and am enjoying this new more relaxed pace and quiet location.  I’m able to focus on different interests and am starting to look at studying some different techniques that I’ve always wanted to learn.

I must admit – one fo the biggest adjustments was just getting used to not having to travel everyday.

My office was located at 464 Princess St, just above Division Street in in Kingston and prior to that I worked a couple of other downtown locations.  So every day for 17 years I would make that very same drive every morning, from my home to the downtown office.  Have you ever changed your commute like that?  It’s crazy just how much of a habit it becomes.

On that very first day of relecation, I found myself heading out to the car, getting in and getting ready to go.  Then I had to stop myself – you don’t have to commute anymore!

It’s just funny how a habit can easily take over like that.  But thankfully after this first year I’m more than used to where I work, to the point where the idea of commuting is weird. 

I want to thank everyone for their support over the last year.  It’s been a hard transition but we’ve made it!  Be sure to come check out our (not-so-new-now location at 125 Sutherland Drive.


Free Flow Massage Therapy Clinic
125 Sutherland Drive
Kingston, ON
K7K 5V6

Tel: 613-536-0300
Text: 613-561-0274


Free Flow Massage Therapy Clinic has been providing Kingston, Ontario with massage therapy for over 20 years. Swedish Massage techniques are used for the holistic healing process from infants to the elderly.

We accept payment via cash, cheque, debit cards, Visa and Mastercard. We are open Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Friday - Sunday flexible hours - same day appointment bookings only

Free parking is available, and we are alongside 3 major bus routes in Kingston.

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