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Massage and managing summer stress


Any sort of change causes stress, even good changes – kids off or home on summer holiday, relatives visits, or even going away to something fun you have planned. 

Tension caused by stress is generally felt in your shoulders, upper back and neck. Stress and changed routine can disrupt your sleep patterns and sleep loss can impact your level of stress and how you internalize stress.  We’ve all be told that ongoing stress has long-term effects – risk for heart disease increases, mental distress and weight gain.  Of course any one of these impacts has further downstream impacts.


So this summer, try practicing a few simple tips for stress relief. Regular exercise will help you flush out some stress and allow you to better hand little problems. Walking a bit each day is a good way to reduce stress and lets you get outside to enjoy the summer weather.


Sticking to regular routines as much as possible also helps.  Maintaining your regular eating routines and eating healthy wholesome foods will help reduce the stress buildup on your body.  It will also maintain your elimination patters resulting in less tummy and gastric troubles.  Try to stick to your regular sleep routines as much as possible i.e. similar bedtimes, light or no eating before bedtime, etc.  Just do what you’re used to doing and keep these functional routines going.

Preventative Health

Also maintaining any preventative health practices you have implemented into your life will further assist you in managing day-to-day stresses in the chaotic festive summer season.  Of course continuing your regular massage routine or implementing regular massage into your life will help reduce some of the physical stresses on your body.

Mental Health

Sometimes, just learning to accept what you cannot change can help ease the burden of stress. Meditation and yoga are two stress-management techniques that help train your body to relieve stress.

Meditation and yoga can give you a mental vacation.  There are several classes offered in and around the area – some of them are even outside on nicer days.  YouTube also has a multitude of videos availble for meditation, guided meditation and yoga.

It seems many people get hung up on making sure they are doing poses percisely or worry that random thoughts interrupt their meditation session.  This is normal and it is just important to have the quiet time to go into a healing mode.  There are beginner levels for both meditation and yoga.

With yoga you don’t have  to do difficult twisting positions unless that’s what you want to do. In a beginner’s class, you will learn basic stretches or poses. There are several different styles of yoga, and you may want to try different ones to see what feels best.

Both yoga and meditation will help you become mindful of breathing techniques that help restore health, lower blood pressure and relieve stress.  These breathing exercises can be done any where, any time.

Have Fun

Of course having fun with friends and letting off some steam is our favorite way to to relieve stress.  By keeping routines and other little things in check we tend to feel much better and more able enjoy the festivities.


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